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Modbook Pro Can Enhance the Creative Process

Artists and creators have always needed to look outside the design studio for inspiration. Today, this tendency has been amplified due to the globalized nature of design work and ever improving transport. The traditional place to create on the fly has always been the sketch pad. Although this classic item may not be disappearing from […]

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Kody Chamberlain Artist Profile | Modbook Pro (Part 2)

Kody has been working with the Modbook since 2008, upgrading to the Modbook Pro in the last year. He first got involved when he met the team behind the original Modbook at a comic book convention in Los Angeles. The mobility and versatility of the Modbook has been a huge asset right from the get […]

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Modbook Pro Artist Profile: Kody Chamberlain

In the first of our series of posts looking at the artists who choose to create with the Modbook Pro, we take a look at the work of Kody Chamberlain and how his evolution as an artist has brought him into close contact with both the Modbook and Modbook Pro as assets to his professional […]

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Modbook Pro: The Tablet Engineered Especially for Artists and Graphic Designers

If you’re an artist or graphic designer, chances are you know how frustrating the experience of being constricted to a particular workspace while you go through the creative artistic process can be. But for many designers, this is the reality they are faced with. Most graphic designers have to do all of their work at […]

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Modbook Pro: The Premier Mac Tablet Computer


Imagine having all the power, speed, and performance of a high-end computer and a Wacom tablet or Cintiq all in one portable tablet. Apple, Android and Windows tablets cannot offer users the same powerful features and functionality as their laptop or their desktop. For many, the option of carrying a laptop along with a Wacom […]

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