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· November 17, 2015
  All-New Limited-Availability Offer on the Modbook Pro

· April 14, 2015
  Modbook Store Online Promotions: Modbook Pro, Mobile Storage Solutions


· November 26, 2014
  Modbook Pro 2014 Holiday Special Offer

· September 16, 2014
· July 30, 2014


· November 15, 2013
  Modbook Pro to Be Showcased at CTNX 2013 in Burbank

· October 24, 2013
  PRESS RELEASE  Modbook Inc. Unveils Updated Modbook Pro Lineup

· October 22, 2013

· October 4, 2013
  Modbook Pro Appearing at Alternative Press Expo 2013 in San Francisco

· September 25, 2013
  PRESS RELEASE  Modbook Inc. Offers New Modbook Pro Financing Options

· September 5, 2013
  PRESS RELEASE  Modbook Inc. to Open Los Angeles Showroom for Modbook Pro

· August 9, 2013
  PRESS RELEASE  Modbook Inc. Introduces Risk-Free Modbook Pro Purchasing

· March 18, 2013
  PRESS RELEASE  Modbook Pro Availability Expands Globally

· February 27, 2013
  PRESS RELEASE  United Kingdom, Ireland Get the Modbook Pro

· February 13, 2013
  PRESS RELEASE  Modbook Pro Coming to Argentina, Brazil and Mexico

· January 15, 2013
  PRESS RELEASE  Modbook Pro Now Available in Canada, Australia and New Zealand


· November 8, 2012

· October 3, 2012
  PRESS RELEASE  Modbook Pro Orders Begin Today

· September 28, 2012
  PRESS RELEASE  Modbook Pro to Launch with All Solid-State Architecture

· June 28, 2012

· March 13, 2012
  PRESS RELEASE  Modbook Inc. Completes Startup Financing

· March 11, 2012
  PRESS RELEASE  Modbook Inc. Announces Licensing Agreement

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