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Modbook Pro Media Roundup

Modbook ProLast Thursday we announced the Modbook® Pro and received lots of good media and customer feedback. With its Mac® base system and a highly sensitive Wacom® pen tablet digitizer, the 13.3-inch Modbook Pro is a complete portable creative workstation.

The Modbook Pro’s introduction went smoothly, despite a brief morning hiccup when our web server labored to respond to a stratospheric number of page requests (a half hour and a few sweaty brows later, the issue was resolved). Everyone at Modbook Inc. is excited to be bringing the Modbook Pro to customers this fall.

Media coverage of the introduction was extensive. A few highlights:

  • At Ars Technica, senior Apple® editor Jacqui Cheng talked to Modbook CEO Andreas Haas about the history of the Modbook project and what the future holds for the Modbook Pro. Andy Warhol and finger painting also came up.
  • Engadget senior associate editor Brian Heater also interviewed Andreas, and the discussion included the Modbook Pro’s capabilities with the Windows® 7 operating system.
  • Xavier Lanier, publisher of GottaBeMobile, covered the story for his website.
  • And at CNET, editor Dan Ackerman wrote about the Modbook Pro and recalled his review of the original Modbook.

Keep an eye out here for more news on the upcoming Modbook Pro.

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The Modbook Pro and Modbook Pro X are enclosure conversion kits that transform an original Apple MacBook Pro notebook-style computer into a tablet-style computer. Apple Inc.'s warranty on the MacBook Pro base system is voided by the conversion and replaced with the Modbook Protection Plan, which covers the entire hardware solution, including the base system.