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Modbook Pro Can Enhance The Creative Process

Artists and creators have always needed to look outside the design studio for inspiration. Today, this tendency has been amplified due to the globalized nature of design work and ever improving transport.

The traditional place to create on the fly has always been the sketch pad. Although this classic item may not be disappearing from the toolkit any time soon, imagine if you could take the digital power of your studio setup with you on the road.

Modbook ProThe ability to use digital tools to enhance the creative process is a must for today’s generation of graphic designers. However, spending time away from the studio can mean losing valuable design time. Until now there simply hasn’t been a device with the power to achieve the same results while on the go. The Modbook Pro was designed and created with this problem in mind. The unparalleled power under the hood means that studio computer power is now available on demand, anytime, anyplace. Size is another key factor that makes the Modbook Pro a break-through device; never before has such a powerful creative tool been so backpack friendly. Travel will no longer hold your creativity back in any way thanks to Modbook Pro’s lightning fast rendering and highly sensitive pen input, eliminating the traditional restraints of creating out of the studio.

The integration of a 2.9Ghz processor means that the Modbook Pro is so powerful it can simply be hooked up to a hub system in a studio, eliminating the need for a separate desktop setup. Comic book artist Kody Chamberlain takes advantage of this unique capability, allowing him to pick up right where he left off. A memory capacity of up to 18GB of memory is another crucial element that adds to the mobile nature of the Modbook pro. The technical capabilities of the device speak for themselves, which is why it is fast becoming the device of choice for an increasing number of today’s top graphic designers.
For more information about how the Modbook Pro can enhance the creative process, head over to the features page or contact us today for a quote on a Modbook Pro built to your specific needs.

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Kody Chamberlain Artist Profile | ModBook Pro

Kody has been working with the Modbook since 2008, upgrading to the Modbook Pro in the last year. He first got involved when he met the team behind the original Modbook at a comic book convention in Los Angeles. The mobility and versatility of the Modbook has been a huge asset right from the get go and when he started doing up to 12 public appearances a year, portability was essential. Like most artists, he also owns a studio computer system, but quickly realized that he also needed a mobile solution that provided the capability to work in a diverse set of mediums such as story, art, lettering, coloring and book design while on the road. Without the ModBook,  this would simply not have been possible and he describes his upgrade to the ModBook Pro as a “game changer,” owing to its power and capabilities coupled with its amazingly compact size. kody-chamberlain-profile

The ModBook Pro has even gone as far as completely replacing his old desktop system. He now simply hooks it up to the hub system when he is in the studio and continues right where he left off.

In terms of the tasks carried out on the ModBook Pro, Kody says he has integrated its use into every step of the artistic process. The most important feature he points to is the ability to effortlessly flip panel sketches and resize things on the fly, which is essential during the initial layout process. These are tasks that would take far longer using traditional mediums. Coloring and lettering have also been enhanced as the digital advantage that the Modbook Pro provides means reliance on handwriting and painting are reduced. The line used by Kody on his Modbook Pro is exactly the same as his sketchbook, meaning he did not have to re-perfect his stroke.

Artist Profile Modbook Pro

In Kody’s opinion, the differences that make the Modbook Pro stand out from the crowd in the tablet market are clear. The speed and power under the hood is crucial as he works on very large files and experiencing lag would severely detract from the creative process. This is also true of the rendering speed; while other devices can take up to half a second to render brush strokes, the Modbook Pro is so fast that the technology fades into the background, leaving the artist free to create. The use of the Apple operating system is another key feature for Kody as he describes himself as an “Apple guy,” and working on anything else would be uncomfortable at best.

Overall, he feels that the definition of a truly great tool is when it performs so well that it becomes an extension of the artist’s hand. The Modbook Pro has been the first device to seamlessly integrate itself into the artistic process in this way. In short, it is now an essential element that facilitates the art that he produces while simultaneously providing a high degree of flexibility and versatility, whenever and wherever he chooses to create.


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ModBook Pro Artist Profile: Kody Chamberlain


kody chamberlain

In the first of our series of posts looking at the artists that choose to create with the Modbook Pro, we take a look at the work of Kody Chamberlain and how his evolution as an artist has brought him into close contact with both the Modbook and Modbook Pro as assets to his professional tool set.

Kody has been drawing digitally since the end of the 1990’s with his first foray into the world of digital design beginning with his purchase of a Wacom Intuos. Like designers and artists of all kinds, he has to be able to transition seamlessly between analog and digital, a reality that the Modbook Pro has made possible.

Kody started out in the world of art having been inspired by the creations of his older brother, but didn’t get serious until later in high school when he realized that he ultimately wanted to become an artist. Like all late starters, he caught up fast and went on to major in graphic design while also taking drawing classes in order to achieve the required standard for his goal of working on comics. After graduating, he spent his time working for several top advertising agencies before starting his own studio in 1999. In 2004, he finally achieved his long term goal, breaking into the world of comics, working on “30 Days of Night” with Steve Niles.

kody chamberlain

Working in a variety of styles and mediums, his work is centered around comics and graphic novels but also extends to film, television and animation, with his favorite genres being crime, comedy and horror. He points out that his inspiration is drawn from life, particularly the small overlooked aspects and unexplored areas of humanity. His influences in the art world are diverse, but he is particularly drawn to writer-artists including creators such as Mike Mignola, Chris Ware, Frank Miller, Will Eisner, and Paul Pope.

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Modbook Pro: The Tablet Computer Engineered Especially For Graphic Designers

If you’re a graphic designer, chances are you know how frustrating the experience of being constricted to a particular workspace while you go through the creative artistic process can be.

But for many designers, this is the reality they are faced with. Most graphic designers have to do all of their work at a desktop computer due to technical constraints. This can severely limit the creative process as it dictates where and when designers can work. Moreover, tablet computers, while portable and popular, are not the answer for most graphic designers. Tablets simply don’t have the indispensable tools professional designers need to complete their work.

Fortunately, there’s a state-of-the-art solution that bridges the divide between functionality and portability: the Modbook Pro.

Graphic Designers Mod Book

The Modbook Pro is designed to maximize the graphic design experience by putting all the essential tools graphic designers need to create at their fingertips, whenever and wherever they need them. It is the most powerful Mac OS X and Windows tablet in the world, offering designers the flexibility to draw, sketch, and create on the go without compromising the features and tools of a desktop computing system.

Combining desktop performance and mobility in one incredibly powerful device, the Modbook Pro is more than just a tablet or a computer: It is an all-in-one creative workspace specifically designed and customized to meet the needs of graphic designers.
Our product features a super-fast processor and is engineered to be sturdy and durable. It departs from the typical enclosure design by utilizing a one-of-a-kind design that provides unparalleled structural strength. What’s more, because it is base system-independent, future adjustments can be readily and rapidly implemented.

The Modbook Pro also offers an unprecedented closure system that integrates the original hardware of a MacBook Pro 13.3-inch base system. Additionally, our system–which closely follows the Apple Design Guidelines for USB high-performance peripherals–gives the word “peripheral” an entirely new connotation. Performance-wise, there is nothing else on the market available to graphic designers that even comes close to matching up.

In addition to specifications that ensure advanced and superior performance, the Modbook Pro is engineered specifically to meet the singular needs of graphic designers. The tablet’s screen provides a surface that perfectly emulates the feel of drawing on paper while the highly sensitized pen input gives designers complete and total control over their work. Taken together, these two elements perfectly encapsulate and mimic the pen-to-paper writing experience that is critical to design success.

Tablet Computer For Designers The Modbook Pro is the number one solution for creative types who don’t want to be confined to their desk space in order to get work done. Perfectly portable, the Modbook Pro easily fits into a backpack so it can be transported anywhere, giving designers the flexibility to work and create on the go. It is simply a must have device for graphic designers who don’t want their work to be constrained and impeded by a particular physical space.

Contact us today for a free quote on a custom-made Modbook Pro designed and built just for you!

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Modbook Pro: The Premier Mac Tablet Computer

Imagine having all the power, speed, and performance of a high-end computer and a Wacom tablet or Cintiq all in one portable tablet. Apple, Android and Windows tablets can not offer users the same powerful features and functionalities as their laptop or their desktop. For many, the option of carrying a laptop along with a Wacom tablet or Cintiq and their cables is inefficient, cumbersome and unappealing, while lugging a desktop computer around is simply impossible. If you want the full power and functionality of your Mac or PC in a sleek, take anywhere form, there’s only one product to turn to: the incomparable, all-in-one Modbook Pro.

The Modbook Pro isn’t just another tablet computer. It has elevated the standard of tablet computing to an entirely new level and, in the process, created an unparalleled class of its own. Our product is the most advanced, most powerful Mac OS X and Windows tablet out there, with a super speedy processor of up to 2.9 Ghz and up to 16 GB of RAM. It also includes an internal 120GB high-performance solid-state drive with a 500GB external mini-drive, and an 8X SuperDrive® DVD burner. The internal storage is configurable up to 480G. If you want more internal storage, the SuperDrive® can be replaced with an up to 1TB high-performance SSD, while the external drive can be upgraded up to 2TB.

modbook-proWhat’s more, no other tablet computer matches the Modbook Pro’s pen-to-paper feel or its connectivity capacity with its Thunderbolt, Firewire, two USB 3.0 and gigabit ethernet ports. The Modbook Pro is the only tablet that allows users to connect to all their peripherals, and draw, color, and create with uncompromised power and speed anytime, anywhere, on the desk and on-the-go. And it’s the only tablet that has the versatility to run both OS X and Windows.

The Modbook Pro bridges the functionality gap between a mobile device and a desktop computer. It is the only portable pen tablet on the market that can do everything a desktop computer can do in a fully mobile format. Think of it as the solution-based, on-the-go workspace that combines maximum performance and flexibility.

So if you’re a professional designer looking to increase flexibility and productivity, get a strong ROI, and to freely create wherever you are, consider investing in a high-quality, premium Modbook Pro. It’s everything you need, right in the palm of your hand. This amazing solution has given a whole new meaning to the term “all-in-one”.


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