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September Production/Ordering Update

In this update: Modbook® Pro to be all-SSD! Orders begin next week!

The Modbook Pro: All-Solid-State Storage

In last month’s update, we let it slip that Modbook Pro pre-production units equipped with Modbook Inc.’s new solid-state drives (SSDs) had blown past our expectations for speed and performance benefits.

As a result, it was pretty clear to the entire team at Modbook HQ what had to happen: the Modbook Pro will ship with an all-SSD architecture, custom designed to suit the specific needs and requirements of creative tablet computer users.

In its base configuration, the Modbook Pro will have our new 64GB original Nishara™-class SATA 3 SSD with asynchronous NAND technology, striking the best balance between storage space, speed and performance.

For an upgrade option, Modbook Inc’s new top-of-the-line Sanshara™-class SATA 3 SSDs will go all out, employing synchronous NAND technology with up to 480GB of storage space to deliver the best speed and performance available in flash-based storage today.

The benefits of an all-SSD architecture for users of a professional pen tablet computer like the Modbook Pro are clear.

With an SSD, the speed and performance of the tablet increases dramatically compared to a machine with a hard disk drive (HDD). Creative users and others who regularly work with many large files at once will appreciate the difference. As Andreas put it in today’s press release (available here), “Once you’ve experienced the near instant-on startup and lightning fast system performance of an SSD-powered Modbook Pro, you won’t ever go back.”

The live system of the SSD-powered Modbook Pro will have no moving parts (other than the optical drive). That means a dramatically reduced chance of mechanical failure. And since tablet users tend to use their computer much more frequently while moving than notebook users — for example, holding the unit while presenting or drawing — the chance of data loss during normal operation (always a possibility when suddenly moving an HDD-equipped unit) goes down to near zero.

Finally, whereas the technologies used in HDDs can cause electromagentic (EM) interference, the EM signature of the Nishara and Sanshara SSDs is tranquil, leaving the Modbook Pro’s high-resolution Wacom® Penabled® tablet interface in peace.

2.5GHz+ processor, RAM configurable to 16GB, 512 pen pressure levels, and now super-fast SSD storage — the Modbook Pro will offer the highest performance available in a pen tablet computer.

Modbook ProModbook Pro Orders Begin Next Week

The date has arrived.

Next Wednesday, October 3rd we will begin taking orders for the Modbook Pro! (The Modbook Pro will initially only be available to customers with shipping addresses in the United States.*)

When ordering starts next Wednesday, customers will be able to go online to configure and purchase their Modbook Pro.

The first orders for the Modbook Pro are scheduled to ship as early as mid-November. Availability and waiting times for shipment may change depending on initial order volume as production ramps up this fall.

We’ll have a lot more detail about the Modbook Pro’s specs, pricing and the ordering process next week.

*More information about the availability of the Modbook Pro outside of the United States will be provided at a future date.

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